We have several in person and online gatherings. See our Facebook Page, join our newsletter or contact us for more information. In person events meet at UUCB: 2185 Meadowlane Ave, W Melbourne, FL

Mindfulness Class – Weekly, Mondays at 7:30 pm. Currently Meeting online. This class meets weekly to discuss books and topics on Mindfulness, meditation and compassionate communication. Email uucb2185@gmail.com for more information.

Freethinkers – Weekly, Mondays. Currently meeting online. Email uucb2185@gmail.com for more information

Heart Circle – Monthly on the second Sunday at 2:00 pm. Currently meeting online on zoom.
This is a safe and confidential space of support and compassion. Share your thoughts, feelings, joys and concerns; and let us support one another in our individual journeys. You do not need to be affiliated with UUCB to join, all are welcome.

Spiral Journey CUUPS – Meeting in Person on the First and Third Sundays of each month at 6:00 pm. They are an Earth-based Spiritual CUUPs group learning and growing together with the greater Pagan Community in Melbourne Florida. Find More information on the Spiral Journey Facebook page.

Womens and Men’s Groups – These social groups meet regularly online and / or in person. Email uucb2185@gmail.com for more information

Forum – Weekly Sunday at 10:00 am. Currently meeting online on zoom. Join us before service for interactive topics and speakers of interest.

Monthly Get Togethers – We have a variety of classes and events in person throughout the month. See our Facebook Page for our latest events.